Sunday, October 4, 2009


Dear friends,
Just a quick note to re-assure everyone that my blog will be updated soon.
Since relocating to Johannesburg and taking up the new challenge as Sommelier for Southern Sun hotels, it's been rather hectic adjusting to the new life and challenges, however, I have keep the same pace of tasting new products whenever time allows, hence there are over 400 tasting notes I have accumulated in the last 3 months, which I need to share with you, watch this space, thank you for your patience and to the 100's of email I have receive from all over the world, thanks for your support and understanding, it's going to be a bumper edition / post about the latest release South African Wines.

From the next posting I will start posting sub 85 points wines as I now believe the consumer and you Sommeliers friends, need to be aware of and once and for all bad and lazy winemaking practice, couple with wrong site selection and winemaker arrogance and huge ego, need to be exposed, so that going forward we all have better wines in our glass for the simple enjoyment of life.


Miguel Chan
Certified Sommelier
Johannesburg South Africa