Saturday, September 27, 2014

My first Spotted Grunter - De Mond Nature Reserve - October 2005

Was happy to find in my archives the very first pictures of my first ever decent fish caught in South Africa, it was a long two years of hard fishing with nothing to cheers about, it's tough fishing in the Western Cape, having been used to Island style bounty, I was relieved that I can still catches fish! It was the 2nd of October 2005, the first fishing trip of the season, first fish was 2.9 kg and the second was 3 kg on the dot, yeah!

Fish On

The excitement and trepidation of having a fish at the end of the line

Was a good one!

Did not want to come running towards the river!

Finally in the net, thank you Wayne Donaldson of Ocean & Vine Adventures & Tours, great fishing buddy...

surprise to everyone, foul hooked close to the tail!!

Spotted Grunter blow job.....LOL!!!!

Here it is my first ever Spotted Grunter


Double whammy, both legal size, i.e over 60 cm

Two decent Spotted Grunter, ecstatic