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Klein Constantia Estate Vinotheque Tastings November 2007

Klein Constantia Vinotheque tastings November 2007

Sauvignon Blanc

1986 83 Points
Dusty, peppery, prominent wet earth, structure still holding very well, juicy texture. Amazing for a 21 years old Cape Sauvignon Blanc.

So call wine critic who are adamant that great Cape Sauvignon do not age, will be discredited, they should rather write about beers, eat Boerewors and drink brandy & coke.

2003 83+ Points
Ripe tropical and passion fruit, dusty texture, elegant complex wine.

2005 85+ Points
Beautiful, compact, tense structure, juicy, peppery, freshly squeeze white grapefruit texture, need food to express it’s best.

Blanc de Blanc

1987 84 Points
Lovely peach texture, caramel & mild toast, delicate fruit structure, holding very well, hints of botrytis on the finish. Blend of Chenin Blanc & Sauvignon.

Rhine Riesling

1986 82 Points
Sweet peach, apricot flesh fruit, terpene character very evident, delicate elegant texture, off dry finish.

1998 86 Points
Terpene, delicate white floral notes, a bit shy compare to 1986. Complex structure, candied kumquat, lime, drier than 1986, very complex, delicate & sophisticated


2004 84 Points
Dusty, peppery, white oak vanillin structure / flavours, delicate, will hold very well for another 5 years.


1990 75 Points
Fruit fading, caramel, toffee, maderized character.

1995 77 Points
Fruit fading, leesy character, sweet oak aftertaste.

2003 80+ Points
Lovely sweet ripe fruits, candied lime & lemon, intense structure, long leesy finish.

Pinot Noir

1996 73 Points
Truffles, red currants, typical complex Pinot Noir aromas. Palate deceiving, not as complex as nose suggest, short finish.

2001 87 Points
Restrained, classic Burgundian feel, tight, fresh lovely fruit and natural acidity, morello cherries, delicate structure. Complex. Will last another +/- 4 years. This is the style of Pinot noir that sells at top end fine dining hotel restaurant, internationally, as it is neither overpowering, nor too weak, it has great natural acidity with delicate fruit structure, so will worked in harmony with rich oily fish, duck and mild matured game.
If only South Africa could make more of this style of Pinot Noir.

2004 85+ Points
Riper, denser fruit structure, earthier, tighter, needs time, will be as beautiful if not more complex than the 2001, in +/- 3 years (2010)

Cabernet Sauvignon

1997 81 Points
Minty, dusty, ripe delicate structure, almonds, walnut and richly textured, drink now.


1996 79 Points
Cedar, cassis, old leather, delicate and elegant. Now and over the next 2 years.

1998 81+ Points
Riper sweeter, denser, more concentrated, without loosing it’s elegance, hints of sharpness on finished / aftertaste.

2000 74+ ? Points
Denser, very prominent dry tannins, slight bitterness, will the fruit hold ?

1993 70 Points
Fruit fading, drink now, hints of bitterness, and very dry tannins that will not melt.

Noble Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc

1992 91 Points
Richly textured, smokey, toasty, sun ripened peach, very intense finish.

2002 89+ Points
Richly textured, treacle, Canadian maple syrup, ripe apricot, dried fig and very ripe pears aftertaste.

2005 90 Points
Darker in colour than the 2002 ? Bigger texture, sweeter, cleaner, very ripe and rich apricot aftertaste.

Vin de Constance

1988 88+ Points
Terpene/petrolly, rich, burnt lemon zest character, acidity brings freshness, intense long finish.

1992 90+ Points
Ripe, richly textured, sun ripened apricot, sweet vanilla, intense long finish.

1996 88+ Points
Intense, ripe peaches, rich mouthfeel, complex raisiny aftertaste.