Thursday, February 5, 2009

NV Avondale Bio-LOGIC Méthode Cap Classique 85+ Points

NV Avondale Bio LOGIC Méthode Cap Classique Brut 85+ Points

Released in November 2008, this is one of the few Méthode Cap Classique of Origin Paarl, available and what an outstanding quality, it’s by far the finest Paarl Brut available, it’s also the first Bio-LOGIC & Organic Blanc de Blancs to be release in the Cape.

Made from organically grown Bio-LOGIC chardonnay grapes.
Whole bunch pressing was done to retain its natural expression of crisp acidity.
Wild yeast fermentation was allowed.
The result is a crisp, lively and full-bodied Méthode Cap Classique with intense flavours notes of lemon, apple pie and biscuit, and a touch of honey. Excellent length and structure

WINEMAKING The grapes were picked by hand at 18,5 to 19,8˚B and cooled overnight to 5˚ Celsius. The next day the whole bunches were pressed, the juice settled overnight and then racked to stainless steel tank for fermentation. 3% of the juice was fermented in small old French barrels. Fermentation took 12 days at around 18˚C. Then the wines were blended and left on the lees for 10 months, after which it was bottled to allow second fermentation in glass. The wine stayed on the lees in glass for between 24 and 36 months before it was degorged.

AGEING This nervy MCC is great now or until 2017, if you prefer the more pronounced biscuity character.

VALUE One of the best value Méthode Cap Classique available, considering quality at around 10 Euro from the estate

R/Sugar - 9g/l
TA - 7.22g/l
pH - 3.22

Tomato Catering suggest :
Great as a sophisticated aperitif, will paired beautifully with lightly smoked local trout, served on blinis and chive cream.

Alternatively tried it with a grilled sole or any other delicate white fish and citrus beurre blanc and glazed seasonal baby root vegetables


Wines Au Naturel

No one makes wine like Avondale do.

At Avondale, owner Johnathan Grieve is getting back to nature –
but he’s using 21st century science, technology and research in the

Johnathan Grieve is pioneering a back-to-the-future approach to
wine growing by combining organic, bio-dynamic and biological
farming principles. His agriculture is focused on balancing the soil
by putting back into the soil fungi and organisms that used to be
there. With the soil balanced, the vines are balanced and so also
the wine. Of course, synthetic fertilizers and chemical sprays are
cut out.

The radical and pioneering philosophy behind this is to take the soil
back to its pre-agriculture state and treat the vine as an indigenous
plant and a conduit for conveying the essence of the soil and terroir
to the grape and into the wine. We call this approach to
winemaking Bio-LOGIC.

It started a few years ago when founders John and Ginny Grieve made a simple choice: because wine is a natural (and delicious) product, producing it should not harm the environment in any way.
Since then, we have been uncompromising. And we trusted the wisdom of nature to guide us. We use cover crops instead of synthetic fertilizer to restore the balance of the soil.

Avondale use ducks, wasps and geese to control pests and weeds, and constantly question what they are doing, making improvements, enhancements and ever greener decision as they go.

After all, they want the Avondale farm to be there long after they are gone, creating the same delicious wine.
And they believe the best way to do this is to make it a sustainable business, one that always works in harmony with the earth. To many in the wine industry this sounds revolutionary.
But, in truth, everyone should make wine like we do.