Saturday, April 11, 2009

2006 Guardian Peak Tannat Malbec 89 - 91 Points

2006 Guardian Peak Tannat Malbec 89 – 91 Points

Deep crimson red with vibrant purple rim, hugely fragrant and intense, medley of ripe blue and black berries, cassis, ripe plum interwoven with spicy peppery notes further complimented by torrefied coffee beans, complex and layered.

Powerful, concentrated, the palate is dense, the purity of fruit very well coaxed with the oak, (of which 60 % were new) lively and fresh, aided by the 6.6 grams acidity / L, tight grippy ripe tannins, (I suspect there is a portion of pressed wine added, for structure) saturated mid palate, need food to unfolds its nuances.

This Cahors inspired blend of 54% Tannat from Worcester, 34 % Malbec and 12 % Merlot, both from Stellenbosch, is the first of it’s kind in the Cape, should be applauded for this innovative blend, in a sea of sameness.

I am not implying or suggesting that this blend should be copied by other wineries, but it’s time that Cape winemakers start getting a little more innovative rather than the sea of boring Cape Blends out there, that are virtually impossible to sell on a wine list, this Guardian Peak, has an edge, plus a unique selling point.

When tasted last year in October 2008, during Cape Wine exhibition, it was already good with a solid 85 points, but since has gained weight, texture and complexity in bottle, hence justify the excellent 89 points, however, this blend have so much personality that it could well attained a very good to world class status of 91 points with time.

Need decanting of at least 3 hours if want to be enjoyed now, however the good pH of 3.47, will see this wine evolved beautifully over the next 8 years and will drink well until 2021+


1 - Milk fed rack of lamb, roasted in wood fired oven, served with roots vegetables, pommes Boulangere, jus corsé enhanced with fresh origanum, Sichuan pepper and Lap Cheong pork sausage.

Alternatively something exotic, for this winter, such as a :

2 - Fiery braised duck in red curry sauce, enhanced with galangal, served with fragrant Basmati rice scented with brown onion, cloves and fresh coriander.

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