Sunday, September 1, 2013

Oak Valley Chardonnay 2012 94 Points

Having tasted all previous vintages of Oak Valley Chardonnay, over the years, they were good, typical of Elgin district in way of ripeness, fresh and lively with showy oak and glossy mouthfeels, but somewhat lacked the X-Factor, however discovering the 2012 for the first time recently, not only it is gratifying to noticed quite a change in ripeness, yet with no loss of flavor and much lower alcohol than I can ever recall, this is bright, athletic with a laser like precision rarely encountered outside Burgundy Cote D'or, faintess hints of toast, the oak is expertly integrated, supportive where necessary, this is a new and very high standard set for Elgin Chardonnay, super table friendly, tight limey core, fantastic now, yet have impressive structure for long haul cellaring under correct conditions, well done Pieter Visser for pushing the boat very far out! buy at least 12 bottles! 

Alcohol: ideal | 12.5 % abv

Origin: Elgin

Notes: lime | apple | grapefruit | almond | toast

Ideal drinking occasions: romantic dinner

Serve with: grilled scallops, air dried ham foam

Drink: now until 2028