Friday, December 18, 2015

Shiraz vines cuttings

In August 2014 whilst staying at the Grande Roche hotel in Paarl, judging the wine selections for South African Airways, one afternoon after the tasting I went for a run in the vineyards above my room adjacent to the conference center and there I found freshly prunes Shiraz / Syrah on the ground.

I gather enough cuttings which I brought back to Johannesburg, 46 in total and prepare them for planting last spring, by dipping the tip in rooting hormone as shown in the picture.
I was curious to see if any will root.

A year later, 7 survived the dry and cold Gauteng winter, budding late september and are growing well, will have a separate post on their progress.

Since it is well documented that phylloxera does not live at altitude of over a 1000's above sea level, Joburg averages 1300 ASL, will be interesting to see the fruit in 2018!

More to follow, who knows?