Monday, May 25, 2009

2008 Robertson Winery Pinot Noir 77+ Points

2008 Robertson Winery Pinot Noir 77+

This is the latest release from this huge producer, who have about 1900 ha of vineyards.

Made 100% from Robertson grown Pinot Noir, an area that is warm to hot as a growing region, however what makes the place suitable for growing Pinot is the drastic diurnal differences as well as a large portion of the soil consist of predominantly limestone, with sandy and alluvial particles.

I have been following this wine since 2006, which was a fine debut (85 points) and 2007, more floral, satiny and softer tannins, albeit a touch lighter, but nevertheless a well made Pinot with good varietal profile (83 points).

If there is one thing making this Pinot stand out, is it’s retail price of about R 38, which make it one of the world’s cheapest Pinot Noir, only to be beaten by the Bulgarian……..

So the 2008 reveal:

“Clear, deep mahogany red with slight watery brown rim, medium plus concentration, no evidence of gas, medium viscosity.

Clean, low plus viscosity, primary fruit of sugary ripe cherries, fresh strawberries and red fruits of the forest, followed by hints of dried rose petals, spicy hints of white pepper and notes of old leather, complimented by earthy beetroot.

Large French oak influence, more clean pinot fruit.

Dry to off dry, may be +/- 2.5 grams residual sugar, fruits on the palate confirms nose, perhaps more sour cherries, low plus tannins and low plus acidity, short finish, low complexity.

I suspect there is some shiraz added to beefed up the colour as well as structure, as the colour is too saturated for it to be 100% Pinot Noir, as well as the mid palate has some tightness, nevertheless, it’s a fine introduction to an everyday drinking light bodied red wine, this will complement a variety of dishes such as a platter of flavourful and lightly smoked Charcuteries, served with crusty baguette and crunchy green leaf salad.

As conclusion of my observation, there is indeed a growing market for this style of refreshing light fruity and delicate red, which not only will be excellent offered by the glass, instead of a boring bag in box red wine, but delivers more drinking pleasure Rand for Rand for the Merlot or the Sauvignon Blanc that comes from Robertson Valley