Monday, January 31, 2011

Creation wines tasted from barrel

Other Creation wines tasted from barrel

Grenache 2010
Ripe dark cherry and plum note, grippy tannins, unperceptible alcohol 15.5 ABV though, ripe texture but very fresh, would be interesting to see in future releases how this will impact in blends, tentative 86 points

Petit Verdot 2010
Extrovert profile with ripe dark cherries, intense, captivating complexity.Tentative 89 points

Shiraz 2010
Ripe mulberries, blueberries with pin point acidity, stony and mineraly farewell, more Syrah than Shiraz, tentative 88+ points

Merlot 2010
Fragrant, plums and mulberry fresh and complex, Merlot driven fruit, ripe tannin, Right Bank / Pomerol profile, crisp texture would need revisiting once release! tentative 87 points