Monday, December 2, 2013

Iona Chardonnay 2008 83 Points

I remember tasting the different components of this Chardonnay on my first visit to Iona, in April 2008 with a winery tour with Andrew Gunn, fermentation just completed, I still remember preferring the tank sample over the one in the barrels, it was ripe, with bright melon and stone fruit character, juicy and fresh, in fact was drinkable already.
It was a nice surprised to be given the finished product, recently by Andrew and see how the Chardonnay have changed over the last 5 years, in bottle, it must be said probably due to the high ripeness and possibly lower acid (mlf?), it is showing sign of advanced development, there is an underlying structure for a much better wine, only if that was picked probably 2 weeks earlier, it could have been fresher and racier, as right now is remisnescent of a professional body builder that have not exercise for a few years, i.e still fleshy and muscular but have lost it’s definition and tonic.
Alcohol: high | 14 % abv
Origin: Elgin
Notes: sugary | canned pineapples | almonds | honey| spicy  
Ideal drinking occasions: winter
Serve with: bbq black beans marinated chicken

Drink: now until 2016