Monday, August 15, 2011

Anthonij Rupert Wines Rooderust farm

Anthonij Rupert Wines Rooderust farm has approximately 160 ha under vines on even land and is situated in the Darling area, 13 km from the Atlantic Ocean.

This farm has mainly granite soils with a lesser or more percentage of clay constantly producing wines with good structure and weight.

It has less rainfall annually (400 - 500mm) but cooler days in the ripening months of January and February due to the sea winds cooling down the vines in the hot summer afternoons.

The entire 160 ha is clear of leaf roll virus (red and white vines) and grapes can happily obtain full ripeness every season. Sangiovese is also produced here where less summer rains help to control the vigour of this Italian cultivar.

Bordeaux cultivars are successfully produced here and irrigation is scheduled strictly according to cultivar, growth stage and with a close eye on weather forecasted.