Monday, October 14, 2013

Cavalli Wine Estate

One of the newest wine estate in Stellenbosch, it was a priviledge to review three of their wines, a gemstone that needs polishing and as long as they can stay away and reduce their oak influence, as well as picking earlier and be more subtle in their blending, keep trying, they might be potentially one of the guys to watch out in the premium offerings, in the next couple of years, the labels are striking, but as I always say, give me a wine with soul, no matter how ugly the label is! in the meantime seek out the Cheval D'Or Warlord 2009.

Cavalli Cheval D'or Rogue Horse 2010 72 Points

Cavalli Cremelo 2012 83 Points

Cavalli Cheval D'or Warlord 2009 92+ Points