Monday, September 29, 2014



·         Nederburg pioneered the idea in South Africa that fine wine can only be produced from top-quality vineyards and established a series of viticultural management practices that have since been adopted throughout the industry.  It has a dedicated vine nursery where superior plant material is propagated for the vineyards from which Nederburg wines are sourced. Nederburg also was the first to apply cold fermentation techniques to improve the quality of its wines, now standard across the industry.  Nederburg launched the first noble late harvest wine, from the 1969 vintage that debuted on the inaugural Nederburg Auction in 1975.  The winery had to lobby Government to be allowed to make the wine as its sugar content was higher than permitted for a natural table wine at the time in this country.  Permission was granted on the basis that the wine be sold within very stringent parameters and this provided the rationale for the creation of the Nederburg Auction, where wine can only be purchased by licensed members of the trade. The auction, which was conceived as a platform for rare and specialty South African wines has since gone on to become one of the top four wine auctions internationally, along with Germany’s Kloster Eberbach, France’s Hospice de Beaune and California’s Napa Valley Vintners auction. The event is one of the most significant in the wine industry, as it focuses on the country’s specialist wines.  Hosted as a glittering gala event, it also attracts high-profile celebrities and socialites Nederburg is a true expression of South Africa’s cultural diversity.  Cellarmaster Razvan Macici, who was born in Romania, works with a team of South Africans, each bringing their own cultural traditions to the blend.

·         Nederburg is possibly the only winery in the world to have made a noble late harvest sparkling wine.

·         Nederburg was the first winery in South Africa to bring together the three Italian varietals, Sangiovese, Barbera and Nebbiolo in its much acclaimed blend, now forming part of the Ingenuity collection.

·         Nederburg’s Ingenuity White blend combines eight varietals of white wine, believed to the highest number included in a single South African blend.

·         Nederburg formed part of the pilot programme for the establishment of South Africa’s Integrated Production of Wine programme of eco-sustainability, regarded as amongst the most progressive of its kind anywhere in the world.

·         Nederburg sells on every continent