Saturday, September 27, 2014

Spotted Grunter at De Mond Nature Reserve - March 2006

Another successful trip to De Mond Nature Reserve, see the clarity and the crystalline water towards the end of summer, in March (13) of 2006, crazy day at the mouth, fishing with four rods at once, my first fish, estimated to be over 5kg or even 6 kg, after a good 45 minutes on 3.2 kg line, netted the Grunter, only that it was too big and only the head and the gill fit in the net....!needless to say this one did not want to be in the pan, .....ran away with my net!!! and snap the line.... unbelievable, wonder if this bugger is still swimming around.......on the picture is the second and fourth fish, successfully netted, the third one was on as I was playing fish number two, so with two fish on, pretty chaotic situations, one get away, as I was alone, fortunately fish number 4 was at the end of the day when the tide was going out again, memorable and a great way to finished the 2005 / 2006 fishing season.