Sunday, June 28, 2009

Porcupine Ridge blends

Porcupine Ridge Viognier – Grenache Blanc 2007 85 Points

Delicately fragrant, with subtle notes of fleshy white peach, dry straw, nectarines and hints of jasmine, fairly complex aromas.

Well defined acidity lends freshness, slight lanolin oiliness, mid palate well structured, which is so welcoming (it’s one of the major weaknesses of most SA white wines…..) elegant and refined, could be mistaken in a blind tasting with a White Rhône blends from 2003…..has length and savouriness, charming food wine………fine until 2011

Porcupine Ridge Shiraz Viognier 2007 87 Points

Powerful aromas of ripe mulberries, cassis and red fruit medley, intermingle with slight smokiness and paprika dust, complex, ripe fruit follows through, more Rhône than New World in style, drier on palate than nose suggest, with a salty / seaweedy (almost like Nori sheet) complexity, lends intrigue, delicate, fresh, structured and complex aftertaste, well done. Interesting and exciting.

Tasted in May 2008