Friday, October 4, 2013

Great CWG Wines for special occasions and home cellaring to seek out tomorrow

As I have mentioned on Twitter, the quality levels of this year’s CWG wines is exceptionally very high, in fact the finest line up I could ever recall since tasting CWG wines back in 2004!

To select wines for buying out of this line up is simply just not an easy task with such an overwhelming selections and really great winemakers behind each and every drop’s, so I see this line up in 3 categories:

1 – Where the majority falls in, out of the 58 wines, I have single out 36 great wines, based on floor experience, they are wines to impress and great for high powered business lunch and dinner.

I refer to them as big “ego” wines for executives, ordered and serve after the conclusion of great business deals, with the signatures on the dotted lines! 

Price is and never will be an issue, these are statements wines, I shall reveal the lists after the auctions! They usually works very well in a steakhouse / Italian / Sushi theme environment, which is the best restaurants concepts if one aims to sell lots of wines on a daily basis!

2 – Second tier are wines prime for their delicacy and usually are very high sellers on wine lists, either because the grapes / varietal have powerful brand status already or they are from winery that work a lot on their brand and engaged a lot with On Trade decision makers, the wines are characterized by their laser like freshness and moderate alcohol.

I shall reveal after the auctions the lists of the 5 wines that makes the cut, their versatility to be served with a broad variety of food, make them exceptionally great wine lists candidates, where cuisine is based on seasonality, these wines are great drinking now, yet they also have, like the majority of the wines on auction, great stamina for long term evolutions.

3 – Last but not least is the third category, a category I get inundated daily by our loyal customers, irrespective of the restaurants I am visiting that day or hosting a tasting across the country, is what wine to buy for home consumption, but destined for very special occasions / celebrations.

I have single out 17 very Special wines to seek out tomorrow at the CWG Auction they are destined to add sparkle to one private cellar at home and to be shared with great food and loyal friends, most for cellaring now, if you have the right facilities, a few however are drinking well, especially the MCC’s, they will be the highlights and will create exceptional sipping experience,and they are:

Villiera CWG Meteor Cap Classique 2008 91 Points
Now until 2019+ | 40 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 47

Graham Beck Wines CWG Non Plus Ultra Cap Classique 2008 92+ Points
Now until 2019+ | 40 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 24

Nitida CWG Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Twenty Eight 2013 92+ Points
Now until 2018+ | 40 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 37

Simonsig “The Russety One” Roussanne 2012 93+ Points
Now until 2022+ | 32 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 34

Rijk’s CWG Chenin Blanc 2012 93+ Points
Now until 2026+ | 44 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 26

Saronsberg CWG Viognier 2011 94+ Points
Now until 2021+ | 26 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 32

Jordan Chardonnay Auction Reserve 2012 92+ Points
Now until 2023 | 80 cases on offer |Catalogue Page 45

Teddy Hall Maria van Swaanswijk Chardonnay Auction Reserve 2012 92 Points
Now until 2022+ | 60 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 63

Vriesenhof Pinot Noir Bin 115 2008 91 Points
Now until 2024+ | 74 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 31

De Grendel Op Die Berg Pinot Noir 2011 92 Points
From 2017 until 2025+ | 44 cases on offer |Catalogue Page 20

Kanonkop CWG Paul Sauer 2010 95 Points
Best from 2016+ until 2030+ | 60 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 14

Graham Beck Wines The Catalyst 2010 93 Points
Now until 2023+ | 50 cases available | Catalogue Page 58

Miles Mossop Wines Maximilian 2011 95 Points
From 2016 until 2027+ | 60 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 38

Groot Constantia Auction Reserve Shiraz 2010 93 Points
Now until 2025+ | 40 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 36

Saronsberg Die Erf Shiraz 2011 94 Points
Best from 2016 until 2023+ | 42 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 60

Boplaas CWG Cape Vintage Auction Reserve 2009 94+ Points
From 2025 until 2040+ | 30 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 43

Boplaas Ox Wagon 1880 Auction Reserve Potstill Brandy 96 Points

100% Calitzdorp Colombar | 24 cases on offer | Catalogue Page 54