Saturday, December 22, 2012

Divine tropical lychee wine NV 89+ Points

If the wine was served blind to me I would have said by deduction it could have been an Alsatian Vendange Tardive gewurztraminer from a warm not so classical vintage,  yet smartly made with excellent purity of fruit, with minimal botrytis.

Clear bright, pale, green reflections, low viscosity
Clean with high aromatic intensity of ripe lychees, rose,  talc and Turkish delight layered well defined with basalt minerals, floral, fruity talc almost a muscaty note, spicy, greens orange peel

More off dry than sweet full texture juicy full bodied fleshy lychees rose petal medium alcohol of 12 abv  

This is a tropical wine made 100% from Mauritian lychees, which will be perfect with any liver base dishes, pan fried foie gras, or simply served with a creme brulee at the end of a meal.
A must try and buy for anyone visiting Mauritius, cost around ZAR 50 for a 500ml bottle, moulded like an Ice Wine bottle.

Served at 4 degrees Celsius.

With so much lychees in Limpopo, perhaps some farmers / aspiring winemaker can try to replicate this!