Thursday, April 17, 2014

Annexkloof Swartland Malbec 2012 59 Points

I remember tasting Annexkloof reds a few years back up to 2008, (always purchased their wines, never asked for samples) however never managed to lists any of their wines and have subsequently not re-tasted their wines since then, until last Saturday, sadly and bluntly said it is clear their style have not improve in line with other Swartland producers, i.e they still shows an overt rustic un precise character, as if it was yesterday I last tasted their wines, but that was 6 years ago!! this particular Malbec shows prominent Brettanomyces character, out of balance high alcohol, 14% abv, masking underlying dark red fruits, with notes of volatile acidity combined with high total acid, not integrated.

I am afraid based on tasting experienced, I can accept rusticity to some extent, but this is a faulty red wine, full stop! 

The questions is for how long will the market continue to support such poor winemaking practice? Especially considering how far and how world class Swartland wines / many producers generally are?! 

Surely the top guys in Swartland can give them some support and guidance? I respectfully have nothing against Annexkloof owners or winemakers, but shoddy quality like this does no good to brand South Africa  / Swartland and jeopardize everyone hard works out on the fields! 

And make our job more complicated to sell wines!