Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Simonsig Labyrinth Cabernet Sauvignon offers a maze of flavours

Simonsig Labyrinth Cabernet Sauvignon offers a maze of flavours
Issued by: GC Communications on behalf of: Simonsig Estate

Designed to entrap the essence of a great winter wine, Simonsig Labyrinth Cabernet Sauvignon owes its name to the circular vineyard maze planted and nurtured by the wine team of this family owned wine estate on the outskirts of Stellenbosch.

This cultivar carries the moniker of King Cabernet and is associated with some of the greatest red wines around the world. When it comes to South Africa, however, this variety can be rather picky in where it will produce the best quality.

“Stellenbosch is blessed with perfect soils and a mild maritime climate to make world class Cabernets,” says Johan Malan, cellarmaster at Simonsig Wine Estate who lauds the longevity of the Simonsig Labyrinth Cabernet Sauvignon as its standout trait. 

“Some of my best experiences with this wine have been with older vintages,” adds Johan.

Simonsig Labyrinth Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 is a wine with delicious black cherry and blackcurrant flavours, complemented with a distinct line of earthiness, cedar and tobacco. Well rounded and balanced oak tannins capture the richness of this vintage that can be enjoyed now, but has the ability to mature beautifully for eight to ten years from vintage.

Johan enjoys his favourite Cab most with rosemary infused roast leg of lamb and thick, medium rare rump steak, devoured straight off the coals.

Simonsig Labyrinth Cabernet Sauvignon is available at selected wine outlets countrywide and sells for R80 at the cellar door. To become a member of the Simonsig Wine Club family and qualify for special rates and special limited release wines, sign up online at

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