Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Faxe Premium Lager 86 Points

In a country where 53% of all alcohol consumed are beers, it is good to see more and more choices entering the market, either it is the emergence of craft beers who is taking the market by storm, questions is will the craze last? there are many mavericks out there!, thinking making craft beers will make them rich in 10 years!, South African beer consumers are driven and very loyal to their brands! on the other hand the local powerhouse such as SAB and Namibian Breweries will stay in pole position for a very long time, at least another 15 years before they can see serious competitions, if any, as with any alcoholic beverage, besides personal taste, education is crucial in understanding the tipple!

More and more international beers are entering the South African market and here is a good example of a Danish lager, their motto is “Beer for real man” purchased at Tops in Pineslopes Spar, a relatively light (5% abv) offering akind to a Castle Light or a Windhoek Light, quite delicate in flavour, not as full and intense as the local versions, nevertheless, refreshing, with just the right amount of hops to make the saliva flowing, try it, it’s different, but very well made and perfect as an aperitifs.