Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Namaqua Olifants River Merlot 2009 70+ Points

Clear, dark cherry red with brown rim.

Clean, reductive with notes of mechanical oil,peppery / pyrazine, earthy, subdued, faint hints of red fruits and plums, dusty oak, possibly use of staves.

Dry with some residual sugar, dusty tannins, acidity not integrated, rather lean, not much fruit, herbaceous, short finish, lactic aftertaste, high alcohol at 14%, not integrated.

Bought at Pick and Pay Lonehill at R 22

Merlot being more of a brand rather than be seen as a grape variety on the label, is it justifiable to sell such poor quality to an ever growing wine clientele and make them believe that's what Merlot should taste like? Quality like this is really unfair on the consumer! either initiated or un initiated!