Friday, May 25, 2012

KWV crowned king at the 2012 Muskadel awards

KWV Winemaker Johann Fourie and Izele Van Blerk with their Three Platinum medals at the Muskadel South Africa Awards

Front l to r: Henri Swiegers (Badsberg/Muskadel SA chairperson), Margaux Nel (Boplaas),        Izele van Blerk (KWV), Johann Fourie (KWV), Andrè Scriven (Rooiberg).

KWV was crowned king at the 10th Muskadel SA awards ceremony held last night, 24 May, at Noop Restaurant, Paarl and sponsored by Enartis SA.

Out of 22 entries, KWV had received the only three Platinum Awards. Their three winning Muscats are KWV White Muscadel 2005, Classic Red Muscadel, as well as their 1930 Red Muscadel which had received a special mention.

“The Awards came at a very good time. For the past two years, we are reliving our heritage by bottling older, fortified wines in our cellar that we want to share with the public. Three Platinum awards are a good sign that the future can deliver good pruducts, “says Johann Fourie, KWV winemaker.

The Breede River Valley proved their worth as Muscadel region with five golden medals; the crown princes being Nuy Wine Cellar 2010 White Muscadel, Badsberg 2011 Red Muscadel, Slanghoek Cellar 2011 Red Muscadel, De Wet Wine Cellar 2010 Red Muscadel and Rooiberg Wine Cellar 2009 Red Muscadel

“A Muscadel vine prefers dry, warm weather conditions, with enough water to irrigate the vineyards proficiently. This results in high sugar content and acidic pH levels that are the key to a successful Muscadel. The Breede River Valley producers are very committed and always strive to deliver the best quality product.” Henri Swiegers, chairperson of Muskadel SA and winemaker in the Breede River Valley on the success of this area.

Other gold medal winners are Boplaas in the Klein Karoo with their 2011 Muscadel and Namaqua Wines Red Muscadel

Tasted blindly, the wines are judged and scored according to a tried and tested points system.

The uniqueness of the packaging also plays a role in points allocated and often denotes the difference between Gold and Platinum awards.

Consumers can identify winning Muscats by their Gold or Platinum Muskadel SA stickers.

“I think this year’s entries were better than ever before. The Muscats have a good complexity and depth in flavour. I would have liked to see a bigger difference in packaging, but even that is improving over the years,” says Dave Biggs, respected judge and wine fundi, about this year’s entries.

Murray Giggins, CEO and General Manager of the sponsor, Enartis SA, believes that Muscadel producers are important customers of Enartis SA. “Whilst Muscadel as a variety and style may not enjoy the same attention as the noble varietals of table wine styles, it is still an important area in winemaking.

We believe that the efforts made by the association in promoting this wine style need to be applauded and as such Enartis is committed to supporting the winemakers who keep this style of wine alive. Enartis in not only a speciality supplier of ingredients but a partner in the process to ensure that the winemaker has the best tools to guarantee an exceptional, hopefully award winning, outcome – as we like to say: ‘from harvest to bottle, side by side with you, always’.”

For more information contact Henri Swieger at 082 829 6010