Sunday, May 13, 2012

Terms Every Wine Connoisseur Should Know

Wine is a profession for some, a hobby for a few, and a source of happiness for many. As such, terms used by connoisseurs are not typically heard in everyday conversation. So, for your convenience, the following is a list of some wine terms that every wine connoisseur should know:

Appearance: This is basically the first step in tasting wine. This step can become less obvious at it might seem now, so remember to check out the wine visually too.

Celebrity wines Seems like anyone can learn how to make their own alcohol these days, and there is no common denominator as to who gets into this business. Francis Ford Coppola, Greg Norman Dan Aykroyd, and Olivia Newton-John are among the celebrities of sports, movies, music who own their own wineries and vineyards.

Extracted : A wine is extracted if it is too strong. The strength is usually in terms of the alcohol content. As unlikely as it may seem, concerns over whether a wine is too strong happen all the time

Finish : This is the taste that is left in your mouth after drinking the wine (or spitting it out if you must).
A wine's "finish" could be smooth or aggressive.

Flights: Flights of wine are the equivalent of a pitcher of beer. Well, sort of. They are used for comparing similar wines against each other.

"In Glass": The Aroma of the Wine Noting the wine's aroma  in the glass is a key step to tasting your wine. Find ways to say aroma,  rather than smell, and you will probably sound much more like the  real-deal wine connoisseur.

Potential: A wine's potential is its ability to age in the bottle. The term often comes up when deciding which bottle of wine to open up. Some wines have less potential than others.

Reduction : A hot-topic of dispute in the wine-world is whether you prefer cork or screw-off caps for your wine. You can take the old-school approach: "Cork only! Without the cork, the flavors just aren't as complex!" You can go with the environmental approach: "Screwcap is so wasteful. Let's save the Earth." This word has been defined as "the smells that occur at least briefly in wines closed with screw caps.

Resveratrol: This antioxidant is found in red wine and it is a great excuse to enjoy a glass.

Sensations : Like noting the wine's aroma, discerning the wine's "sensations" is equally important. When you drink the wine, the sensations are what you think about the wine's taste. Most basically, it means "taste.