Monday, November 4, 2013



While the meat sizzles on the braai and you soak up the sun with your friends, create a refreshing cocktail with no-other than Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown, winner of the Best Value Award in the fortified wine category at the 2013 Best Value Awards.

No point in keeping your favourite Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown hidden during the summer months – let it share the warmth of summer with you.  “Obies”, as it is affectionately known, has been part of many moments, across generations.  It’s such a versatile fortified wine and its slightly sweet and rich taste calls for new memories to be made.

The Sedgwick’s Lane cocktail is a twist on the vintage Sherry Cobbler, the most popular drink served in the UK and USA in the 1800s. Hailed as “the greatest liquorary invention of the day” in 1830, it’s a great way to enjoy the summer! The name of the cocktail refers to the street where Captain James Sedgwick’s opened his first liquor store in 1853 and which for years was known as Sedgwick Lane. The recipe below is for one glass but can equally be doubled-up and made in a jug.

50 ml Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown
30 ml orange juice
50ml cranberry juice
2 dashes of Bitters

Simply combine all the ingredients in a shaker and strain over ice. Bleed some grenadine syrup in and serve with a couple of strawberries and orange slices.

Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown is one of South Africa’s oldest wine brands and although first produced in the late 1800s, was only launched in 1916. It is named after Captain James Sedgwick, a frequent visitor to the Cape of Good Hope, who made the Cape his home in 1853.

He opened a tavern, the Captain’s Rooms which led him to establish J. Sedgwick and Co, a company trading in liquor products, including fortified wines, as well as cigars and tobacco. After his death his sons took over the business and as part of their rapid expansion, created new products and one of their fortified wines they called Old Brown Sherry. And so one of South Africa’s most iconic brands was born.

Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown is available country wide and retails for about R28 per bottle.