Monday, November 25, 2013

Southern Right Sea Aged Sauvignon Blanc 2010 92+ Points

Last night for the very first time as an exclusive offering during the South African Style Awards, at Southern Sun Hyde Park, not only were the 100 bottles were especially air freighted for this special fashion and glamour event, but it was also the first time the sea aged Sauvignon was offered and poured in Johannesburg.

Hamilton Russell Family Wines were the pioneer in South Africa and the world’s first winery to start this sea aged project over 10 years ago, where small batches of their Southern Right Sauvignon Blanc were sunk and left to aged in the cold Atlantic Ocean, in Hermanus harbour, at around 11 metres deep, the 2010 vintage spent just over three and half years.

There are many benefits as well as complex changes inside the wine due to factors such as under water pressure, which probably will be around 3 bars at this depth, no lights, no vibration, no sound as well as a constant temperature of around 12 degrees Celsius, seriously serene environment.

Over the years, the bottles have accumulated tiny oysters, barnacles, seaweed and other sea creatures have started growing and colonizing, characterful indeed.

The colour was pale bright. Subtle nose, closer to top quality Sancerre, than “Cats pee on Gooseberry bush” of New World Sauvignon, the acidity fantastically integrated, crunchy, fresh and lively, there was a sense of confidence in the overall offerings, complex indeed.

Thank you Hamilton Russell Family Wines for this great opportunity, this generous offerings further highlights our innovations in beverage and service delivery.

A must try wine, I still have a few bottles, please contact me to arrange an appointment if you would like to taste.

Alcohol: NA (probably around 13% abv)

Origin: Walker Bay

Notes: lime | fleur de sel | iodine | mineral | spicy

Ideal drinking occasions: very special occasions

Serve with: seafood linguini or sashimi

Drink: now until 2016