Thursday, May 1, 2014

KFC & Chenin Blanc the perfect pairings

KFC being possibly one of the best selling “Fried” Chicken with an outlet visible in any major town and suburbs, one just have to look at the queue at either lunch time or 1800 hours, to realise the impact of such a phenomenon in South African society, it is convenience and always consistent, great value and super tasty, which have always been a challenge for me whenever I have a zinger, wings or large piece, what to wash it down with? Soft drink does not work for me, too much sugar and unhealthy, and I have tried beers which seems to work ok as well as numerous wine, they always seems to crash! Especially red wine.
However what I have discovered is that a fruity and juicy Chenin Blanc with a dash of residual sugar, works perfectly with either a colonel burger or a zinger or zinger wings, they just have an affinity and the combination is just yummy, yet KFC do not sell alcohol, unlike some Nando’s, where beer and 250ml wine are available, a pity and a great lost of revenue for KFC shareholders, will they ever realise it? Time will tell, as not only it will be an innovative concept, probably a world first for KFC, but imagine, grabbing your favourite KFC cuts with a perfectly chilled 187 ml or 250ml or better 500ml Chenin Blanc, at around if not the same price as their soft drinks?
It does not need be a world class Chenin Blanc as long as it is varietally correct, source from a well established Chenin Blanc grower/producer, and there are many out there within the 75 to 84 Points quality, which will way over deliver on price points.

Everyone a winner here, happier customer, greater revenue for KFC investors/shareholders / franchises and consumers discover the affinity of Chenin Blanc with chicken……….. any takers…… common South Africa!
KFC is meant for Chenin or KFC = Kentucky For Chenin