Friday, May 2, 2014

Klein constantia Spirit of Constantia Husk Spirit 89+ Points

Following the Raki in previous post, herewith another unique grape pomace product, opened the last bottle tonight, an interesting product, which I am not sure if Klein Constantia still produces it, it is a fine complement to their famed Vin de Constance, as this was distilled from their vine dried Muscat de Frontignan used in the production of their natural sweet wine, unique selling point indeed.
As far as I remember correctly, after “treatment” the skin instead of being fed to the cows as fodder was instead sent to Dalla Cia in Stellenbosch (pioneer of Grappa / husk brandy in South Africa) for distillation and thereafter bottle in this unique 200ml content.

Delicately perfumed with faint hints of Muscat fragrance, nutty, spirit, it is “Grappa” indeed and a powerful way to end a meal, seek it out if you can find it.