Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shiraz SA donate wines to Pebbles Project

After the judges had completed their evaluation of the 191 wines entered in the 2014 Shiraz SA Wine Challenge the management committee of Shiraz SA was faced with a problem. What to do with the remaining unopened bottles that were left over? In this type of wine competition additional stock is normally requested to compensate for faulty wines, breakages and also to have wine available for the awards function. But no matter how well you plan, a fair number of bottles still remain. To give the wine back to the producers is not only a bit unpractical but also a logistical nightmare. And to pack it away in storage, even more unpractical and nightmarish!

It was with a sigh of relief and much excitement that the committee came across a solution … donate it to the Pebbles Project. It will relieve them of stock that needs to be stored, assist in the organisation’s Social Responsibility programme and boost much-needed income for the Pebbles Project.

Pebbles have announced that they will be using the ±500 bottles in various fundraising events and everybody is smiling!