Tuesday, May 20, 2014



Johannesburg: Tupperware – one of the world’s most iconic brands – proudly celebrates its

50th anniversary in South Africa this year.

It hosted one of its famous parties at the Miele Kitchen in Bryanston attended by celebrities and media including reigning Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss and TV personality Jenny Morris who also cooked for guests using exciting new Tupperware product.

The company was started in the US during the mid-1940s by Earl Silas Tupper when he developed the airtight plastic containers used to store food and keep its freshness longer.Known for pioneering the direct marketing strategy of the home-based Tupperware party, the company was set to become a cultural phenomenon. At a time when women, who had been celebrated for working in factories during World War 2, were being pushed back to the kitchen, Tupperware showed them how to defy the limitations they faced by starting up their own businesses - based in their own homes.

Since then, for more than 65 years, Tupperware has been regarded as a personal development company that is dedicated to improving the lives of women by enabling them to reach their full potential. The company has expanded its reach throughout the world and today has a sales force of 2.9 million women.

Tupperware arrived in South Africa in 1964 and became synonymous with quality, long lasting plastic containers.

While Tupperware still sells some of the timeless classics that no kitchen could be without in the Swinging Sixties – from the Shape ‘n’ Serve Jel Ring mould with its unique two seal design and that oldie but goodie, the Astro Pitcher with its four matching mugs thecompany’s commitment to innovation now includes serving and cooking products that save time and money.

Some of the revolutionary products include:

• The MicroGourmet Steamer - a two-tiered cooking system that lets the user

• The new stainless steel cookware

• The UltraPro Ovenware, which has taken the world by storm. It is safe for the steam multiple foods at once, at the fraction of the cost of a built-in steam. oven, microwave, fridge and freezer and serves beautifully on the table

For more products or additional information about the company please visit or call 0800 600 891.