Friday, May 2, 2014

Yeni Raki 89 Points

Turkish anise unsweetened cordials, is produced by twice distilling grape pomace and aniseed, it is the unofficial 'national drink' of Turkey and the Balkans countries, it is traditionally drunk mixed with water; the dilution causes this alcoholic drink to turn a milky-white colour. Consumed generally as an aperitifs, perfect with seafood or meze platters.
Raki is similar to pastis (France), ouzo (Greece), Sambuca (Italy), arak ( Lebanon, Irak, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Turkey and Iran) and aguardiente ( Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Galicia, Haiti, Mexico, Portugal, Sardinia, United States)

Nothing beats a tall glass of perfectly iced aniseed after a hard day at work, locally Pernod or Ricard is widely available in South African liquor store, yet demand and sales from South African consumers can best be described as non existent,at best, due possibly that local consumers does not really know what it is as an aperitifs and how it should be enjoy, it all has to do with education and product knowledge.